Lennartsfors locks in Dalsland Canal

The Dalsland Canal, through Dalsland and southern Värmland, considered one of the most beautiful waterways in Europé. In front of you is 260 km of fairway through a large scenic lake system that forms the Dalsland canal.


Unionsleden is 350 km long and from west to east, runs from Moss in Norway to Karlstad in Sweden. When you cycle along Unionsleden you will be struck by the beautifully changing landscape. The area is rich in wildlife and you are never farm from a place to have a refreshing dip or a beautiful vantage point.

Visit Årjäng

If you are looking for a exciting yet peaceful and beautiful holiday destination we highly recommend a visit in the rual district of Årjäng. You will experience wilderness in our rich nature foll of wild animals, our 1000 lakes and over 300km of hiking trails.

Visit Värmland

Välkommen till äventyret Värmland. Här finns vacker natur, storslagna vatten, unika boenden och kullinariska matupplevelser som tillsammans skapar en salig upptäcktsresa genom hela värmland.

Elovsbyn Camp & canoe is a small nature camping in Lennartsfors on the lake Foxen/Stora Lee, which is a part of the lake system Dalslands canal.

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